Sunday, September 29, 2013


I have finally released ColBrix, a tile-based game for Android.
It's inspired by other apps and tile-laying board games like Scrabble, Qwirkle, WordFeud, etc., but it has its unique set of rules.

The code for the game has been untouched for more than a year, for the following reason: 
I wanted to make a really good tutorial, and I knew such a tutorial would require a lot of time to implement. But I've never had that time.

Until I (yesterday) decided to turn a missing tutorial into a feature. I think, that deliberately not offering a tutorial makes the game actually more attractive. There's space to explore the rules, the way the points are calculated, and keeps the game play interesting for a longer time span.

Actually, it became the slogan of ColBrix: Finding out the rules is part of the game!

With that decision, I could release the app in less than a day (after polishing up some parts of the app). I'm very glad that it's finally out (I hate unfinished projects ;)), and hope that you like the game.

Have fun!

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