Friday, April 6, 2012

ImageUploader as Java Web Start

In older blog posts I reported about my ImageResizer/Uploader appplication.
A while ago I turned it into a Java Swing application, startable via Java Web Start.

Short description
It's a tiny but very useful software to resize and upload a bunch of JPG-files to a Google Picasa Web Album. It´s perfectly suitable for travellers in countries with slow Internet connections. The idea behind this software is the following: A full-sized JPG files on a digital camera with (let´s say) 3 MB has only 300 KB if it is resized to 70% of its original size, but has (nearly) the same quality. So Internet-backups can be made 10-times as fast.

You can find it here:

Please don't forget to read the "Background" section:

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