Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Experience with Eclipse RCP / SWT / JFace

About three years ago, I bought a (german) book about Rich-Client development with the Eclipse RCP, which I did not finish reading, as I did not like it. That's why I searched for Eclipse RCP tutorials on the Internet, and I found some nice ones.
So I successfully ported my ImageResizer application to Eclipse. Honestly, I did not make use of many of the RCP's features, but there was not much reason for that.

Things I've learned:
  • Building a GUI with SWT / JFace
    • Basic components, Layouts, Listeners
    • JFace's Viewer mechanism with ContentProvider, LabelProvider and an Input-Object
  • Create a Plugin-Project with Eclipse
    • Layout the Perspective
    • Use the Error-Log-View (org.eclipse.pde.runtime.LogView)
    • Export the Application

The next things is a cross-operating-system build with the delta pack (download page).
Probably I will publish source code and/or more detailed instructions when this (small) project is finished.

The following tutorials are the most important ones I used, and which I can recommend:
 A lot of good information can be found in newsgroups, forums, etc., too.

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